Gift Magazines

How to Use?

You can give a gift of Tarang magazines to any child. To use the gift voucher, you need to click on the gift voucher button and fill in the gift recipient’s name, last name, email id (of child or one of the parent’s) and a short message for the child. A gift voucher code will then be generated and emailed to the sender and the receiver of the gift. If the receiver of the gift has no email id, the sender may also convey the gift voucher code by other means- texting, calling.

How to access/avail a Gift Voucher

The child who receives the gift of tarang is sent a gift voucher code. He needs to go on and sign up. He then needs to go on Subscribe. Click on avail gift voucher button and fill in the voucher number. His subscription starts that minute for 12 months from then.

Please note – The gift voucher number has to be used within 30 days of receiving it. The gift voucher code could only be used once. It would be exhausted after one use.